Make secure international payments with your virtual dollar card

Netflix? Dropbox? Spotify? Facebook Ads? ASOS? Our Wallet dollar card has you covered.

Hassle free payments like you’ve always imagined.

Fund locally, Shop globally

Your Wallet dollar card is accepted on a wide variety of international websites and platforms.

Secure transactions

Your Wallet dollar card is protected by the best PCI card standards.

Transaction history

Track your daily/weekly/monthly spend from your Wallet dashboard.

Getting a Wallet dollar card is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3

Download the Wallet app

Get the Wallet app from the Google Play Store or the App Store and create a Wallet account.

Fund your wallet

Add money to your Wallet account from your bank account using any of the funding options.

Create your dollar card

Fund your dollar card with a minimum of $10 from your wallet.

Accepted on your favorite plaftorms

…and many more

Download the wallet app

Frequently Asked Questions

​​Is my dollar card a Visa or MasterCard?

Your Wallet dollar card is a Visa card.

Are other currencies supported?

No. At this time, only dollar cards are supported.

Where can I use my dollar card?

Your dollar card can be used on any international service/platform/website where Visa prepaid cards are allowed.

Your card cannot be used

  1. on crypto-trading sites
  2. to purchase bitcoin
  3. on money transfer platforms.

How do I create a dollar card?

To create a Wallet dollar card:
  1. Log into your Wallet app
  2. Fund your Wallet with a card or with GTB
  3. Select ‘Dollar Card’ on your dashboard
  4. Fund your Dollar card with money in your Wallet balance

How much can I fund my card with?

Unlike most banks, we don’t charge an exchange rate fee if you pay with your Mastercard. This makes it one of the best ways to pay or make purchases while abroad.The minimum you can fund your dollar card with at any given time is $10, the maximum you can fund your dollar card with is $100.

Is there a maximum balance on my Dollar card?

No there isn’t.

How do I fund my card?

You can add funds to your card from your Wallet balance.

How do I create a Wallet account?

Visit our website to create a wallet account or via mobile by downloading our iOS or Android app from the App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

Can someone pay money into my dollar card?

No. Your dollar card can only be funded from your Wallet balance. Learn how to fund your wallet here [LINK to funding your wallet under support FAQs]

Is it free to create a dollar card?

No, it is not. Each dollar card costs $5 to purchase.

What happens to the unused funds in my card?

You can leave the money in your card for future use or you can terminate your card.

What happens when I freeze my card?

When you freeze your card, you will not be able to use it to pay for a service or product. You can always unfreeze your card from your dashboard

Does my card come with a billing address?

Yes, your card comes with its own U.S billing address.

Can I use my dollar card to buy on local stores?

Your dollar card can only be used on international platforms that accept VISA prepaid cards

Can the balance in my dollar card be transferred back into my Wallet?

Yes. You can withdraw money from your dollar card back into your Wallet.

Is there a minimum balance on the dollar card?

Yes, there is a minimum balance of one (1) dollar.

Do my dollar card transactions attract any charge?

Yes, for every successful dollar card transaction, you are charged one (1) dollar.